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PAT for short is regular testing and inspection of portable electrical equipment.

The testing and inspection of such equipment allows businesses to meet legal requirements under the Health and Safety at Work act of 1974.
Most Insurance companies and fire services require companies to have regular PAT inspection before safety certificates and or policies are used also most council run venues insist on having your electrical items pat tested.

Every Working Day In Great Britain at least one person is killed and over 600 are injured at work.

It is your responsibility as an employer to look after the Health and Safety of your staff.

All electrical equipment connected to fixed wiring of an installation as well as any portable appliances such as hand held drills, toasters, lamps, kettles etc.

Most work places require an annual inspection, although some construction sites or public venues will require a more frequent inspection.

You should treat PAT testing as you would the MOT of your car – you wouldn’t drive around in a car that wasn’t safe – so why risk yours and your employee’s lives working in premises where the electrics could be unsafe.